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BabyWearing Is Trendy

BabyWearing Is Trendy

A new phenomenon has hit the UK fashion industry! Baby wearing is the hot new craze set to outlast the 80's fashions currently on the high street.

Wearing your baby in a sling has become increasingly popular in America and the wave has just landed in the UK. Many Hollywood stars, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been snapped 'wearing' their babies.

Baby slings are often so much easier to use than buggys whilst out and about. Stairs and crowds are no problem when you have your baby in a sling and there are also many developmental benefits to babywearing. People interact more with babies who are at head-height compared to children who are sat in pushchairs and newborns are soothed by the rocking motion when worn in a sling . Being held at voice and eye level certainly ensures that he is more involved in conversations and listening skills are usually much more developed in sling carried babies.

Using a sling is also a good way for babies to bond with their fathers. Fathers tend to have a different body rhythm to mothers and the baby will learn to appreciate these differences and respond accordingly. Fathers report that baby wearing helps them develop a sense of closeness that taking baby out in a pushchair just can't provide. Mothers suffering from post-natal depression may also find baby wearing a useful yet non-intrusive way of bonding with their baby.

Benefits to Wearing baby in a Sling

Increased baby bonding. The physical closeness experienced when wearing a sling promotes emotional closeness between the wearer and baby and can help overcome post natal depression.

Babies may cry less and it can ease symptoms of colic. Wearing your baby provides a familiar motion to that of the womb and the wearer's heartbeat and voice soothe your baby.

Baby may thrive more - it has been shown that premature babies or 'slow to gain weight' babies may benefit from being close to their caregiver and may thrive more than if not worn in a sling.

Baby can learn more - babies spend less energy fussing and more energy learning. They spend more time in the 'quiet-alert' phase which is conducive to learning. Babies are more involved in the world - and because they are at eye level people talk to them more!

Baby may talk earlier - the baby is on your level when in your sling and can see your face, which helps facilitate early language development. Plus, you will automatically talk to your child more than if they were in a pushchair.

According to medical professionals 'flat head syndrome' is on the increase. Because babies should be placed on their backs to sleep it is important that when they are awake they should not spend so much time lying in car seats or prams. Carrying your baby in a sling relieves pressure on the back of the head and encourages care-givers to pick up their babies and to rely less on car seats or prams for transport.

At times it is difficult to get daily chores completed when your baby needs attention. It is essential that your baby feels happy and content for both your and their emotional well-being. Baby wearing is a great way to offer children your physical presence while allowing you to get on with the everyday tasks. You can keep your baby close and content while providing a stimulating learning environment for them. Baby wearing ensures that your hands are free so that you can make that phone call, do the housework or go for a walk. Many parents have recognized these benefits, but have been left cold at the choice of baby carriers on the high street.

Lifft Slings, are one of the many baby-slings companies, who have long recognized the need for a fashionable baby carrier. Managing Director, Louise Day explains, 'Lifft slings are an exciting fusion of fashion and function. Our slings are accessories, an item of clothing a new parent wants to be seen in, rather than a bulky 'nursery' product. Parents and carers want to wear our slings not only because they are an essential baby product, but because they look good too!'

'Obviously, fashion is not the main thing to consider when choosing a sling' suggests Louise. 'It's important that you should
mum and lifftsling
think about where you want to wear the sling and how often. There are some baby carriers more suited to long hikes and other slings which are invaluable for short trips to the shops or around the airport.'

You may need to consider if you require a sling to provide discreet breastfeeding and also how willing you are to practise using your sling until you get it right. Also, a sling must be easy to use. Many people are put off by fussy buckles and clasps or by slings made out of reams of fabric. The easiest sling to use is a pouch sling which is bought in t-shirt sizes to fit the wearer. However, as with all slings, practice makes perfect and once a sling is 'mastered' it will be an invaluable tool which allows new parents to get on with their hectic lifestyles whilst wearing their newest accessory - their baby!

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