12 Reasons To Choose a Water Birth

12 Reasons To Choose a Water Birth
There are many reasons why a Mum-to-be would decide to give birth in a water bath. The method is becoming increasingly popular nowadays and here are twelve of the most common reasons for wanting to do so:

Bullet The heart has less to do as water supports and relaxes
BulletWater aids comfortable positioning
Bullet Fewer medical interventions
Bullet Natural pain relief
Bullet Baby has a gentle transition from mothers womb to mothers arms
Bullet Uterine muscles are warmed
Bullet Warm water relaxes and soothes
Bullet Less perineal damage
Bullet Stress hormone levels are reduced
Bullet Water babies rarely cry at birth
Bullet If you are more relaxed then the pain - fear - tension cycle can be broken
Bullet If you are in an environment you feel safe in you are more likely to have a shorter labour

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