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Attack of the Killer Undies

Attack of the Killer Undies
Inability to breastfeed, back ache, forever saggy boobs, constipation, horror stories of pregnancy and breastfeeding which in many cases can be caused by your underwear!

And, the search for bra and panties that fit properly during the constant body changes brought on by childbearing can be a frightening prospect in itself.

A recent Mintel Report said one of the biggest things women need when buying maternity and breastfeeding underwear is 'sympathy and understanding'; which is absolutely true, but even the friendliest and most interested sales assistants are guilty of giving terrible advice.

So you get home with your new bra, and discover within days that it cuts like a knife, bends you double or makes your boobs ache - or all three! The solution is to leave this to the experts. There are
Wearing professionally fitted maternity underwear is crucial!
manufacturers and suppliers who have dedicated themselves to best fit without sacrificing fashion. As a result, there are some superb ranges available to meet every body shape and health issue during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They don't cost the earth, but they could save you lifelong health problems.

The double good news is, that this is one maternity wear sector that has really taken design and detail very seriously. Bras, pants, lingerie, and swimwear can still be everything from practical, through to superbly stylish and even luxuriously sexy. But it's still mainly about getting the right items for your ever-changing body.
The Mintel Report drew attention to the emergence of both specialist fitting services, and online suppliers. Both are seamlessly combined in www.bras4mums.co.uk - which Mintel referred to in its sector report.

Helpful Hints for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women from Bras4Mums

Bullet Do the straps dig into your shoulders? They are either too tight, or not wide enough to lift your breasts. Remember that during pregnancy and feeding, your breasts get a lot heavier than usual. Quality bras have wider straps to spread the load which offer more comfort and support.
Bullet Are the nursing clips easy to use? Think about holding baby in one hand, trying to get yourself tidied up and moving a muslin for burping baby. The clips/zips have to be easy one handed!
Bullet Is the band fitting firmly (you should not be able to move the band away from the ribcage more than 1cm)? You should fit most bras on the loosest fitting, so that when you wear and wash the bra, or after your body starts getting back to normal shape, you have hooks available to tighten it up.
Bullet Don't be fooled into thinking 'Well I'll only need this item for a few weeks - it's not worth the expense'. For example, a BabyBelt costs £29 but can protect you against years of back ache or pubic pain.


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