Unconventional Things To Teach Your Children

Unconventional Things To Teach Your Children
Part of our role as parents is to teach our children how to fit into the world around us.

From the moment they're born we consciously, or sub-consciously, give them lessons about everything from learning to speak and which foods taste good, to tying their shoe laces and learning how to ride a bike. While children do learn from formal lessons and instruction, it's also important to remember that they also learn by watching and copying our behaviours too, and that these informal lessons are the ones which have the most impact on them. While we're sure that you've got all the basics covered, such as how to use a knife and fork to how to brush your teeth, here's five things that parents can teach children which, while may not automatically spring to mind, will give your children solid foundations for a healthy, happy and balanced life.

Bullet Teach your kids about values and minimalism

While it is important to teach the value of money, children should also be made aware that there are many things which add richness and value to life without the need for money. Things such as family, nature, animals, compassion, honesty and above all, taking pride in themselves. These are the things that they should value more than possessions, and which will give them the tools to grow up into decent, caring, moral adults. However, values are things that are best learned by observation, rather than formal lessons. They'll learn far more by watching the people they admire the most, you - their parents. And while it's important to explain and reward positive values, it's also just as important to model those healthy values yourself.

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Bullet Teach your kids to be assertive

It's not possible to spend all our time with our children.
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At some point they'll have to go out into the big wide world, so it's important for parents to teach children how to stand up for themselves, how to stay safe and how to deal with bullies. Simple tips like not walking alone, avoiding places where bullying can happen or not taking expensive items to school, how to deal with confrontation and how to use body language to good effect. However, in today's technological age, bullying and intimidation doesn't only happen in the school playground, it happens online on social media sites and via mobile telephones. That's why it's imperative to teach your children how to deal with bullying, and to help them to develop a range of assertive communication skills.

Bullet Teach your kids to recycle

We all know the importance of recycling, and while it's important to teach kids to recycle, sometimes it's the method of teaching that will have the most impact on their ability to take the lesson on board. Don't forget that children love playing games, so making up fun activities, such as using old items for craft activities and inventing silly games, such as tossing used milk cartons and bottles in the recycling bin, will not only make your children want to recycle but will help to develop a range of skills and their eye to hand coordination too. Why not encourage your kids to start composting? It's a great way to recycle vegetable peelings and old tea bags and teaches your kids a thing or two about nature. Look at ways to recycle more unconventional things, such as turning old crates into storage chests, bookcases or tables.

Bullet Teach your kids to unplug their technology

Technology is playing an increasingly large role in not just our lives, but in the lives of our children too. While we all know how technology improves and enhances our lives, both socially and in terms of acquiring information, it also comes with a few negative aspects which parents need to consider, such as the need for parental controls and internet safety. But perhaps one of the most important lessons you can teach your kids is the need to unplug their technology on a regular basis. Not only will this give them a break from the constant input and multi-tasking associated with technological devices, but will free up time for other activities which will help them to achieve more balance in their lives.

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Bullet Teach your kids the value of money

Let's face
ten pound note
it, while many people say that it's love that makes the world go round, we all know that money has a pretty big influence too, and it's never too early to teach your kids the value of money, especially as this seems to be a subject that's not touched upon at school. Lessons should be practical and age appropriate and, especially in today's consumer led society, should include things such as having to budget and wait to buy expensive purchases. With young children it can be something as simple as learning to budget weekly pocket money, or having to earn their money by carrying out household chores, while older children can be taught the value of saving and how to balance their income and outgoings.

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